Fly posting

Fly-posting, the illegal fixing of signs, posters or stickers in public areas, is a nuisance and creates potential danger.

Fly-posting is the illegal fixing or pasting of non-approved signs, posters or stickers to walls, road signs, lamp posts, railings or other areas, usually for commercial interests.

Not only is this illegal but it creates a distraction and potential danger to road users as well as a negative impression of an area.

Who to report fly-posting to

If you notice fly-posting in your area you should make a report to the district or borough council.

What will I need to tell the council I make the report to?

It will be useful to us or the district or borough council if you can tell us:

  • The location of the fly-posting.

  • The nature of the material. Is it offensive or just a nuisance?

  • Any other relevant information.

Who removes fly-posting?

That depends on where the fly-posting is.

We will deal with fly-posting on or along a road that is causing a nuisance or danger to road users.

Fly-posting on private property is dealt with by the district or borough council for that area.

When will it be removed?

The priority and timescale for removal will depend upon the location of the fly-posting and level of nuisance caused.

This priority will be determined after inspection by council officers.

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