• Tools for Self Reliance (opens in a new window) accept quality tools that can be refurbished to send to Africa. Collectors are based throughout the country. Please call them on Tel: 02380 869697 or email them for more information. They will collect and refurbish tools that have been requested from developing countries. These include:

    • blacksmiths tools
    • carpentry tools
    • engineering and Metalworking tools
    • bicycle repair tools
    • shoe repair tools
    • auto mechanics' tools
    • electrical repair tools
    • arc Welders (240V)
    • industrial quality power tools − especially drills and bench grinders
    • certain sewing machines.
  • Tools with a Mission (TWAM) are a Christian charity that sends good quality tools to developing countries. Please call them on Tel: 01473 210220 or email for an up to date list of tools wanted.