Textiles and clothes

How to recycle or reuse items of clothing and textiles (including bedding, curtains and wool).


  • Organise your wardrobe to find forgotten clothes and prevent buying unnecessary items. In the UK each home has about £1,200 worth of forgotten clothing.
  • Wash clothes and textile items at 30 degrees and avoid using a tumble dryer (where possible) to extend clothes lives and save energy. Clothes will still be clean plus it will save you money.
  • Buy clothing and textile items that are longer lasting and better quality, you will save money in the long run.
  • Visit the Love Your Clothes website (opens in a new window) to find out more about getting the most value from your clothes and tips on how to use and dispose of clothing and textile items.


  • Get creative and upcycle, alter, redesign or repurpose clothing and textile items. Visit the Love Your Clothes website (opens in a new window) for fashion tips on how to make your pre-loved clothes distinctive and develop an original look.
  • See if there are any courses available to teach how you can repair and upcycle clothing and textile items or contact your local alteration service. Find more information about what courses we offer (opens in a new window).
  • Donate clothes and textile items to your local charity shops
  • Pass clothes onto family members or friends − especially useful for baby and children clothes (nearly new sales are great to get low cost quality children's clothes at a reduced price).
  • Clothes and textiles can be sold on internet auction websites. It's easy to do and you benefit from the value of your clothes.
  • Feeling creative? Old curtains or duvet covers could be made into new cushion covers.
  • Watch out for the plastic sacks that are posted through your mail box occasionally that provide door collections.
  • Clothing and textiles items can be cut up and used for rags and dusters around the house.


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