Plastic, whether it be bottles, food tubs and containers or rigid plastic such as garden furniture can all be recycled. 


  • Buy bigger size products where possible. They last longer and often have refill options available.
  • Consider buying concentrates. Concentrated products contain less water so can reduce packaging by over 50%. Fabric conditioner, squash, liquid detergent and hand wash are all examples where concentrates may be available.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables loose to avoid plastic packaging.


  • Reuse plastic drinks bottles.
  • Tubs and containers are useful for storing items or for a packed lunch.


  • All councils now offer kerbside collections of plastic bottles, pots and tubs. Contact your local council for more information about kerbside collection schemes.
  • Plastic recycling facilities for plastic bottles, pots and tubs and rigid plastic are available at our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Find out how to contact your local district, borough or city council.

Facts about plastic recycling

  • 25 plastic drinks bottles can become a fleece jacket
  • It takes a quarter of the energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastic as it does from new materials making it worthwhile recycling those extra bottles.