Bottles and jars (glass)

Ways to reduce, reuse or recycle glass and plastic bottles and jars.


  • Buy bigger size products where possible. They last longer and there are often refill options available.
  • Consider buying concentrates. Concentrated products such as juice drinks can reduce packaging by over 50%.


  • Use glass jars as storage containers for homemade jam or chutney.

  • Glass jars can make decorative tea light holders when painted.


  • Recycle clean bottles and jars in your kerbside recycling scheme. Contact your local council for more information about what you can recycle at your kerbside.
  • Take clean bottles and jars to recycling banks where available. The can also be recycled at our household waste recycling centres.

Facts about glass recycling

  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly reprocessed with no loss of quality
  • Recycling two bottles saves enough energy to boil enough water for five cups of tea!

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