Batteries (household and car)

Ideas on how to reduce, reuse or recycle household and car batteries.


  • Use electrical mains where possible.
  • Purchase appliances that do not require batteries such as solar powered calculators, wind-up radios or torches or appliances with rechargeable batteries for example cameras.


  • Use rechargeable batteries if possible.


  • Look out for recycling boxes for batteries in electrical stores, libraries, supermarkets and stores selling batteries.

  • Household and car batteries can be recycled at our Household Waste Recycling Centres. Each site has a dedicated household battery recycling bank.

  • Some district or borough councils offer a kerbside collection for batteries - please contact your local district, borough or city council for more information about kerbside collection schemes. Find out how to contact your local district, borough or city council by visiting our Other councils web page.