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Textiles and clothes

Reducing, reusing or recycling items of clothing and textiles (including bedding, curtains and wool).


  • Organise your wardrobe to find forgotten clothes and prevent buying unnecessary items.
  • Wash clothes and textile items at 30 degrees and avoid using a tumble dryer (where possible) to extend clothes lives.
  • Buy clothing and textile items that are longer lasting and better quality.
  • Visit Love Your Clothes to find out more about getting the most value from your clothes.


  • Get creative and alter, redesign or repurpose clothing and textile items.
  • See if there are any courses available to teach how you can repair and upcycle clothing and textile items or contact your local alteration service - find more information about what courses we offer.
  • Donate clothes and textile items to charity groups or local groups or projects.
  • Pass clothes onto family members or friends – especially useful for baby and children clothes.
  • Sell unwanted clothes on internet auction websites, apps or social media. 
  • Watch out for the plastic sacks that are posted through your mail box occasionally that provide door collections.


Did you know?

  • In the UK each home has about £1,200 worth of forgotten clothing.