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Food waste

Reducing or recycling food waste and leftovers.


  • Think about what leftovers or food you already have when planning meals before shopping.
  • After planning, write your shopping list and stick to it to avoid buying food you may not use.
  • Think about portion control - if you need help visit our portion control pages.
  • Use up your leftovers in creative tasty dishes. If you need inspiration then check out the Love Food Hate Waste website for recipes.


  • If you live in Bolsover, Chesterfield, High Peak, North East Derbyshire and South Derbyshire you can recycle ALL your food waste with your garden waste - this includes fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags, bread and pastries, potatoes, pasta, rice, meat and plate scrapings.
  • If you live in Derbyshire Dales you can recycle your food waste in your kerbside food waste caddy.
  • For those in Amber Valley and Erewash you can’t compost food at the kerbside but if you have a wormery worms love food waste or can be added to your 'Green cone' which is buried in the ground. For more information please visit Great Green Systems.
  • Add raw fruit and vegetable waste to your compost bin (no meat, fish or dairy products).