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All Current Applications

All current planning applications listed in date order.
Valid date Application code Location Proposal Status
19/06/2017  CW8/0617/25  20 Chatsworth Avenue, Long Eaton  Change of use from B2 to a mixed use of end of life vehicle de-polluti...   
15/06/2017  CD9/0617/23  William Allitt School, Sunnyside, SWADLINCOTE  Replacement of the existing timber windows and doors and replace with ...  Consultations being initiated 
12/06/2017  CD2/0617/20  Old Hall Junior School, Old Road, CHESTERFIELD  Roofing Maintenance/ Roof re-cover....   
05/06/2017  CD3/0617/18  Hilltop Infant and Nursery School Wyaston Road, Ashbourne  Re-location of existing play equipment to south west corner of playing...   
05/06/2017  CD5/0617/17  Brigg Infant School, South Street, South Normanton  The extension of the flat roof at elevation 2. With structural column ...  Consultations being initiated 
05/06/2017  CW2/0617/16  Staveley Landfill Site, Hall Lane, Staveley  Proposed importation of 18,000 tonnes of inert material for the re-eng...   
02/06/2017  CD4/0417/2  North of Dronfield Railway Station Chesterfield Road, Dronfield  Demolition of existing timber ramp and contrete foundations and the co...   
25/05/2017  CD3/0517/14  Mayfield Road, ASHBOURNE  Change of use - Part of Agricultural field to Educational Use...   
25/05/2017  CD6/0517/15  Horsley Woodhouse Primary School,, Main Street ,ILKESTON  The proposed development constitutes the erection of 1nr 5000 x 5000mm...  Consultations being initiated 
10/05/2017  CM4/0517/10  Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane  Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobili...  Consultations being initiated 
08/05/2017  CM1/0417/4  Dove Holes Quarry, Dale Road, Dove Holes  Recycled aggregate facility...   
03/05/2017  CW4/0517/9  The Avenue Redevelopment Site, Wingerworth, Chesterfield  Section 73 Application not to comply with Conditions 3, 6, 7 and 13 of...  Report Written 
04/04/2017  CW8/0417/1  Johnsons Recycling Centre, Crompton Road, ILKESTON  Proposed variation of planning permission CW6/0413/17 to import and pr...  Report being prepared 
28/03/2017  CD9/0317/107  Linden House Church Street, SWADLINCOTE  Demolition of existing Childrens Home, to be replaced by the proposed...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
21/03/2017  CD5/0317/105  Creswell Junior School, Elmton Road, Creswell  Demolish existing school catering kitchen block and timber corridor li...  Report Written 
20/03/2017  CD8/0317/104  Wilsthorpe Community School, Derby Road, Long Eaton  Erection of new school building (D1) to the north of site, demolition ...  Report Written 
21/02/2017  CW1/0217/93  Land adjacent to 26 Brickfield Street, Padfield, Glossop  Deposition of 500 cubic metres of soil into redundant clay pit as part...   
17/02/2017  CM9/0217/98  Swarkestone Quarry, Twyford Road, Barrow on Trent  Planning application for a 14.5 hectare extension to existing sand and...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
03/02/2017  CD5/0217/94  Creswell Junior School, Elmton Road, Creswell  New build detached 3 classroom block....  Consultation Replies Awaited 
30/01/2017  CM5/0117/90  Whitwell Quarry, Crags Road, WHITWELL  Section 73 application not to comply with Condition 1 of CM5/0207/192....  Report being prepared 
25/01/2017  CW9/1216/78  LAND AT DERBY HILLS FARM, SPRINGWOOD, SOUTH DERBYSHIRE  Full planning permission for the means of access, provision of parking...  Report Written 
06/01/2017  CW2/0117/83  Phoenix Brick Co Ltd the Brickworks, Campbell Drive, Barrow hill, Staveley, Chesterfield  Application under Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act for ...   
13/12/2016  CW5/1116/71  Land at former Creswell Colliery Lagoons Frithwood lane, Creswell  The restoration of former colliery lagoons and settlement ponds to agr...  Deferred 
07/12/2016  CD8/1016/57  Behavioural Support Centre, Brookside Road, Breadsall, Derbyshire  Proposed demolitions of existing 2 & 3 storey buildings and extension ...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
18/10/2016  CW5/1016/56  Glapwell 3 landfill site, South of Stockley Lane, Stockley  The proposal by FCC Environment is to import soils to re-profile Glapw...  Further Information Awaited 
13/09/2016  CW9/0816/45  Depot 3 Burton Road Swadlincote  Change of use to an inert and wood waste transfer station and skip sto...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
07/09/2016  CD6/0816/42  Pottery Primary School, Kilbourne Road, BELPER,  Refurbishment and extension of existing school buildings. Provision of...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
24/08/2016  CW2/0816/43  Ward Recycling, Newbridge Lane, Old Whittington, Chesterfield  Proposed construction of replacement buildings for noise attenuation, ...  Approved /Legal Agreement 
18/07/2016  CW3/0716/32  Manor Farm, Longcliffe, BRASSINGTON  Retrospective change of use to waste management business office and st...  Report being prepared 
16/05/2016  CD9/0517/12  Stanton County School, Woodland Road, SWADLINCOTE  Extension of existing Primary school building to provide 2no additiona...  Consultations being initiated 
29/04/2016  CW9/0416/9  Land at Derby Hills Farm, Springwood, South Derbyshire  Erection of an on-farm Anaerobic Digestion plant, for the processing o...  Report Written 
13/04/2016  CM5/0416/4  Whitwell Quarry, Southfield Lane, Whitwell, Worksop, Derbyshire  The extraction of dolomite from four extension areas, an extension to ...  Further Information Awaited 
15/03/2016  R3/0316/32  Land and minerals located at Grangemill Quarry, Grangemill, near Wirksworth  First periodic review of mineral permission relating to CM3/1200/98 da...  Discusions with Applicant Pend 
25/01/2016  CM4/1215/125  Hilltop Farm, Derby Road, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire  Surface coal mining scheme with restoration to agriculture with nature...  Appeal Lodged 
17/12/2015  CM9/1215/122  Swarkestone Quarry, Twyford Road, Barrow on Trent  61 hectare extension to existing sand and gravel quarry including use ...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
13/08/2015  CW4/0715/60  High Street, Apperknowle, Dronfield  No change of use. The proposal is to bring imported inert fill into th...  Consultation Replies Awaited 
09/07/2015  CD6/0615/35  Land south of Old Swanwick Colliery Road, Swanwick, Derbyshire  Ground Mounted Solar PV Development...  Report being prepared 
23/04/2015  CL4/0415/9  Furnace Hill, Lower Market Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield  Certificate of lawful use for the existing waste recycling facilities...   
31/03/2015  CM1/0315/158  Ashwood Dale Quarry, Bakewell Road, Buxton  Proposed extension to the existing area at Ashwood Dale Quarry, Bakewe...  Report Written 
26/03/2015  CM1/0315/159  Ashwood Dale Quarry, Bakewell Road, Buxton  Section 73 application to vary condition 3 of R1/0298/8 - to extend ti...  Report Written 
26/03/2015  R1/0315/31  Ashwood Dale Quarry, Bakewell Road, Buxton  Periodic Review of Old Mineral Permissions at Ashwood Dale Quarry...  Report Written 
12/12/2013  R1/1213/28  Brierlow Quarry, Buxton  Application for the first Periodic Review of Mineral Planning Permissi...  Report being prepared 
24/01/2011  CM6/1110/112  George Farm, Denby, Derbyshire  Recovery of 400,000 tonnes of coal using surface mining and the develo...  Approved /Legal Agreement 
14/11/2008  R3/0299/21  Hoe Grange Quarry, Brassington  Environment Act 1995: Review of Mineral Permission...  Held in Abeyance 
05/09/2006  CM3/0906/91  Middleton Mine, Middleton by Wirksworth  Section 73 application for the amendment of condition 17 of planning p...  Further Information Awaited