Current appeals

The information on this page is continuously updated.

Application No. Location Proposal Planning Inspection Ref.
CL4/701/42  former coal yard,, North Wingfield Road  application for certiciate of lawfulness for a proposed use...   
CM1/1115/117  Arden Quarry, Birch Vale, New Mills  Extraction of and removal from site of mineral reserves...   
CM4/0114/156  Land north-east of Dark Lane, Calow, Chesterfield  To drill exploratory boreholes, erect containerised units, associated ...  APP/U1050/W/15/3002704 
CM4/0517/10  Bramleymoor Lane, Marsh Lane  Construction of a well site and creation of a new access track, mobili...  APP/U1050/W/17/3190838 
CM4/1215/125  Hilltop Farm, Derby Road, Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire  Surface coal mining scheme with restoration to agriculture with nature...  APP/U1050/W/16/3166227 
CM5/1007/125  Land off Beaufit Lane, Pinxton  Former Langton Colliery Spoil Heap Coal Recovery and Reclamation Schem...  APP/U1050/A/09/2100184/NWF 
CM6/0503/23  Lodge House Opencast Coal Site, Bell Lane, Smalley  Surface mine coal extraction...  APP/U1050/A/05/1176293 
CW2/0308/235  Whitting Valley Road, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield  waste transfer site on part of the former Hayden Concrete site...  APP/U1050/A/09/2110767 
CW3/0409/9  Vital Earth Derby Ltd, Blenheim Road, Ashbourne,  Retrospective change of use of agricultural land for the temporary sto...  app/u1050/a/2132617 
CW3/0705/45  Manor Farm. Longcliffe, Brassington  erection of composting plant (revised application)...  APP/U1050/A/06/2021801/NWF 
CW4/1206/147  Hall Farm, Sutton Lane, Sutton Scarsdale  composting site for open air composting...  APP/U1050/A/08/2061059/NWF 
CW5/0106/165  Scarcliffe Lane Farm, Langwith  In vessel Composting and Wood Recycling Plant ( re-submission)...   
CW5/0505/20  Elmton Park Farm, Elmton, nr Bolsover, Derbyshire  Importation of inert fill material to restore agricultural land to ben...  APP/U1050/A/08/2063418/NWF 
CW6/0605/33  Codnor Denby Lane, Denby Village  Landfill off Codnor Denby Lane...  APP/U1050/A/05/1192396 
CW8/0508/26  Carr Hill Farm, Cole Lane, Ockbrook  Screening and pulverising of waste materials from demolition and const...  APP/U1050/A/09/2097766/NWF 
R1/0697/2  Dove Holes Quarry  review of mineral permission...