Finding more information about neighbourhood plans

Where to find more information about neighbourhood plans and support or advice on writing your plan.

The Government is running a 'front runner' project and some communities have started work on neighbourhood planning. They cover a big range of planning issues.

Front runner projects

Affordable housing is critical for the community in Lynton and Lynmouth, Devon. The town council is working with Exmoor National Park Authority to choose sites and policies for affordable housing.

In Gedling, Leicestershire, the Neighbourhood Development Plan will focus on balancing the area's housing offer, tackling anti social behaviour, protecting community facilities and improving the village centre.

In Much Wenlock, Shropshire, the Neighbourhood Development Plan is covering traffic management for the town, affordable housing, protecting high street shops, and improving local leisure facilities.

Department for Communities and Local Government (opens in a new window) has more information about the front runners.

Support and advice on writing your plan

You may be eligible for advice and support from one of these charities: