Listed buildings

Listed Buildings

We hold a copy of the statutory lists of buildings of architectural or historic interest in the county, except for those within Derby City and the Peak District National Park.

We provide advice on repairs and maintenance to owners and occupiers of listed buildings.

Advice on the use of stone slates for roofing and on sources of stone for buildings in Derbyshire, can be found in the building materials section.

We also maintain a building crafts register of specialist contractors, consultants and suppliers of materials, who have done satisfactory work in the past on listed and other historic buildings.

Our register of buildings at risk, identifies historic buildings considered to be at risk from disuse, under use or neglect.

The buildings craft register and the buildings at risk register can both be accessed on the Derbyshire Historic Buildings website: (opens in a new window)

Applications for Listed Building Consent for non-Derbyshire County Council owned or maintained properties should be submitted to the local borough or district council.


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