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Building Materials

Derbyshire's heritage of historic buildings and monuments contributes greatly to the culture, appearance and character of the county.

The maintenance of local distinctiveness in our towns, villages and rural areas, no longer happens automatically.

It requires that the products from the underlying geology (building and roofing stone, and lime for mortars and plastering) continue to be available, as they have been in the past, and for architects, designers and building owners to demand the right materials and the skills to dress and use them.

It also requires the specialist skills to handle these traditional building materials, to be nurtured through appropriate local training.

The use of locally found and produced materials compares very favourably, in terms of sustainability, with other imported or centrally manufactured building materials, which may be cheaper to buy, but which, in the long term, may be more environmentally and socially harmful.

Advice on the history and practice of stone roofing, a model specification for stone roofing and a list of sources of stone appropriate for building in Derbyshire is attached to this page.


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