Global Action Plan EcoTeams

Do you want to save money and reduce the impact of your community on the environment at the same time?

We are working alongside Global Action Plan to deliver its EcoTeams Programme across Derbyshire. The initiative involves training individuals to become EcoTeam leaders, who in turn recruit six to eight people within communities, to encourage them to reduce carbon emissions from their day-to-day activities leading to more sustainable ways of living.

Once set up, EcoTeams meet approximately once a month over a period of four to five months, where team members discuss and decide the action they will take and carry it out. EcoTeamers don't have to be eco-experts, just enthusiastic and keen to do a little bit more for the environment whilst saving pounds at the same time.

EcoTeams taking part in the project would be able to use specially developed online resources to assist them to record and monitor progress, share their experiences and measure their success.

Similar projects taking place around the UK have shown that people taking part in the project have on average achieved the following results:

  • 20 per cent reduction in waste sent to landfill
  • 7 per cent reduction in electricity consumption
  • 21 per cent reduction in heating energy consumption
  • 16 per cent reduction in household CO2 emissions
  • average annual household annual savings of £148 on energy and water bills (based on 2007 prices).