What we're doing about climate change

We recognise our responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions to play our part in a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the most severe consequences of climate change.

We became a signatory to The Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change in 2001.

This commits the council to take action to reduce its carbon emissions and to support Derbyshire communities to address the causes of climate change, and become more resilient to its likely impacts.

Providing services across the county including schools, adult care and libraries inevitably has a large carbon footprint. At some point our services may be affected by extreme weather events. However we know that we can minimise both impacts through mitigation and adaptation.

In 2011 we set an ambitious target of 25 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2015.

In 2012 we adopted an adaptation action plan outlining the priority areas and actions to reduce the impact of climate change.

Derbyshire Partnership Forum Climate Change Group

We co-ordinate efforts in mitigation and adaptation with partner organisations through the Derbyshire Partnership Forum Climate Change Group (opens in a new window).

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