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Adapting to a changing climate

While we and our partners continue to reduce carbon emissions we recognise that there will be unavoidable climate change in the future.

Climate projections

In 2018, the UK Met Office produced climate projections providing the most up-to-date assessment of how the climate of the UK may change over the 21st century.

The projections vary depending on future greenhouse gas emission levels, but if global emissions continue to increase as they currently are, central England, including Derbyshire, could face temperature increases of between 2°C and 5.8°C by 2070, and significantly lower rainfall.

Even if carbon emissions are reduced drastically, the Met Office believes that by 2050 there will be a 50% chance that each summer will be as hot as 2018’s summer heatwave.

The Committee on Climate Change have produced a report to assess the UK’s long-term emissions targets.

Read Net Zero - The UKs contribution to stopping global warming.