Early Years Foundation Stage Forum

Derbyshire early years foundation stage forum.

EYFS forum - what is it?

To offer extra support to all those working within the EYFS, we have arranged free full membership of the Foundation Stage Forum. This gives you online access to:

  • a national support network of EYFS professionals
  • membership of a hugely active community of teachers, practitioners, providers and other professionals
  • a 24 hour resource for people in similar settings and situations
  • downloadable resources, for example, planning and policy templates, topic based focus plans and articles on all aspects of the EYFS
  • your own local forum for meeting up, with practitioners from your area
  • download handouts from training courses you have attended.

Remember, it's free, membership has already been paid by our workforce development team. Every provider in each setting is entitled to an account, so why wait? Log on from home or work and discuss any aspects of your work, or simply visit to unwind and have fun!

How do I become a member?

To register, simply visit www.eyfs.info (opens in a new window) and click on 'Create Account' at the top of the page. After approving the terms and conditions you'll be presented with a short form to complete:

  • Select a username and password of your own choice (you'll need to remember this whenever you log in).

  • Type in a valid email address. This is used to send newsletters and notifications of topics you are interested in.

  • When you find the 'LA Registration Password' field, enter the password provided by Derbyshire (contact Beth Simpson, tel: 01629 532099 if you no longer have access to this password).

  • Below that is an added security measure - you need to decipher the words / numbers that are jumbled up in the boxes and enter them.

  • Ignore the subscriptions field. All other fields are optional. Fill out any you wish and then click 'submit'.

  • That's it! You're subscribed for a year. Log in if asked to do so, and then start exploring.

If you have completed the procedure above, but have any difficulties, please email admin@eyfs.info describing the problem you have and the username / email address you register with.