Ashbourne Primary School

Cokayne Avenue
01335 342891
01335 300498
School type:
DFE number:
Paula Whysall
Age range:
4 to 11 yrs
Inset days:
No inset days have been notified by this school.
Normal area map:
School normal areas are defined geographical areas made up of the area around a school. They are sometimes informally called "catchment areas". The normal areas have been carefully mapped based on information agreed with schools.

Not all schools have normal areas. Some schools share part or all of their normal area with other schools. A few Derbyshire schools have normal areas which extend into neighbouring authorities and similarly some areas of Derbyshire are within the normal areas of schools in neighbouring authorities.

You should be aware that unless you are zoomed in to the appropriate level, the normal area boundaries may appear misleading as the screen may not be able to display them at a high enough resolution to show all the necessary detail when you are viewing a larger area.

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The School shares its normal area with Hilltop Primary School and St Oswald's CE Voluntary Controlled Primary School

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