Secondary school admissions appeals

When parents are unable to obtain a place for their child at the school they want, they can appeal against the decision to an appeal panel independent of the council and the school.

Appeals will normally be heard by 15 June 2018. For in-year admissions appeals will be held within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

You can get more information from the form and guidance notes in the related documents section of this page and make your appeal online through the appeal system (opens in a new window).

Details of the appeals procedure for all Derbyshire maintained secondary schools can be found in the appeals guidance notes for parents attached to this page.

For appeals in respect of places at schools not in Derbyshire, parents are advised to contact the council which maintains the school in the first instance. Find out about neighbouring councils.

The decision reached by the independent panel will be binding on the council and the parents. A further application in respect of the same school will not be entertained in the same academic year unless significant and material changes in circumstances arise.

Related documents

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