Behaviour Support Team

The Behaviour Support Team work to support schools to bring about positive change in the behaviour of children and young people experiencing difficulties with their behaviour, emotional and social development. Our aim is to improve behaviour and reduce the risk of exclusion from school.

Who do we work with?

We work with mainstream primary schools and most secondary schools to improve children and young people's behaviour by giving advice, support and training to school staff and working with your child.  We talk to other professionals who have met you or your child.

When does the Behaviour Support Team work with children and young people?

Schools will refer your child to the team when they have behaviour, social and emotional difficulties and/or are at risk of exclusion.  Your child may be at school action plus or have a statement of special educational need.

How does the Behaviour Support Team work with your child or young person?

Behaviour Support staff may do the following things:

  • Talk to your child's teachers and you about their progress in school
  • Observe your child in class or around school
  • Give advice to staff on appropriate intervention strategies
  • Work directly with classes, small groups and individuals
  • Take part in meetings where plans are devised to support your child's learning in school

What will happen then?

Once a plan to support your child in school is drawn up we will support the action in the plan. We will contribute to the review of the plan.

How can I contact the Behaviour Support Team?

If you are worried about your child's behaviour at school, talk to the school about your concerns. They will know if they can help your child or whether they need to contact the Behaviour Support Service or perhaps involve another service.