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Virtual Classroom

As part of the integration pathways team we provide online learning for some children and young people who are unable to attend mainstream school.

Who we work with

We offer part-time, online learning, to some children and young people, usually at Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 who are permanently excluded or who meet the criteria for out-of-school tuition.

When we work with children and young people

We work with your child if he or she is referred by the integration pathways team or out of school tuition

How we work with the child or young person

The Virtual Classroom may provide part-time, online education, usually in your home.

What will happen

Out of school tuition or the integration pathways team will regularly review your child's education. As your child makes increasing progress a member of the team will meet with you to discuss your child’s return to mainstream school or another educational provision and what further support may be needed.

Contact us

Referrals to the Virtual Classroom are made by the integration pathways team or the out of school tuition.