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Gifted and talented pupils

Internationally and within the UK, there is a growing focus on the education of gifted and talented pupils.

In Derbyshire our approach to gifted and talented pupils sits within the inclusion agenda in which all children have the right to access an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential. It's a myth that children identified as gifted and talented can ‘get there by themselves’. They need the right opportunities to flourish.

Schools increasingly have in place a curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils including those with gifts and talents


The Department for Education (DfE) has said that within a school population, 10% to 15% are identified as gifted and talented.

Gifted pupils are seen as around the top 10% of each year group in academic subjects.

Pupils are considered talented if they have exceptional ability in the visual and performing arts, music and sports.

We support schools in developing criteria for identifying such pupils within the broad definitions set by DfE.


Schools are encouraged to have a gifted and talented policy and a whole school approach to developing opportunities for gifted and talented pupils. Most schools have identified a teacher to co-ordinate support for gifted and talented pupils.

Provision for gifted and talented pupils is rooted in high-quality teaching and learning, and the extent to which teaching engages and inspires children to develop to their full potential. It’s about building upon good school practice and not providing something entirely different.

Teachers in Derbyshire are supported in providing appropriate and challenging learning experiences within a broad range of opportunities. This allows for a wide variety of gifts and talents to be identified.


All schools have the opportunity to be part of a termly gifted and talented forum in primary and secondary phases, which operate in 3 geographical areas of Derbyshire. The purpose of the forum is to build on the good practice that is already taking place in our schools and build collaborative sustainable projects.

We offer a wide range of training to schools.

We are members of national and regional gifted and talented groups and are informed by advice from the DfE and agencies such as the National Association for Able children in Education and the National Association for Gifted Children.

Schools are supported in the delivery of World Class Tests in Mathematics and problem solving.

We help the development of enrichment opportunities and challenge projects supported by industry.

Summer schools offering a wide range of activities take place annually. These are available for pupils in year 6 to year 9

Support is given to pupils and schools to become members of the National for Gifted and Talented Youth.

Opportunities are provided in collaboration with many other initiatives and agencies.