Chaperones for children in entertainment and activities

A child performing, rehearsing during the performance period or taking part in an activity must be supervised by a chaperone, at all times, unless they are under the direct care of their parent, a teacher from their school or their home tutor.

Grandparents and extended family members are not legal guardians unless they are recognised as such by the courts. Parents, unless they are approved as chaperones, cannot supervise children other than their own.

Chaperones are normally licensed by the local authority in which they live.

The role of chaperone is to exercise a duty of care to the child or children in their care which any parent might be reasonably expected to give that child.

In Derbyshire, chaperones need to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and attend a two hour chaperone training session. They also have to undertake introductory safeguarding training within the first six months of being licenced, or provide evidence of prior safeguarding training.

Chaperone licences are valid for three years.

For more information about becoming a chaperone you can complete the form on this page.

For more details, or to arrange for an interview, contact us, email: or tel: 01629 538139.

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Derbyshire County Council Education Department Children (Performances) Regulations 1968 (as amended) Application for approval as a Matron/Chaperone for Children in Entertainments

Matron and chaperone for children

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