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Childcare Ofsted registers

Ofsted register four types of early years and childcare.


Childminders on the Early Years Register provide care for one or more children aged up to five, to whom they are not related, for reward in someone’s home - usually their own. Childminders on the Childcare Register provide care for one or more children aged between five and eight, or from eight to 18, in someone’s home - usually their own.

Childcare on non-domestic premises

A person or organisation providing care on premises that are not someone’s home, such as a purpose-built nursery, or a village hall. This provision covers private nurseries, playgroups, after-school clubs and the like.

Home child carer

Home child carers care for children from birth, up to the age of 18, at the home of one of the children. The children must be from no more than two families at any one time.

Childcare on domestic premises

A group of four or more people working with children in someone’s home.

There are two registers:

  • the Early Years Register
  • the Childcare Register.

Early Years Register

The Early Years Register is for providers caring for children up to 31 August after their fifth birthday – this is known as the early years age group.

These providers must follow the Early Years Foundation Stage - this is the framework for the education and welfare of children in the early years age group.

Childcare Register

The Childcare Register has providers who care for children up to 17 years. It has two parts:

  • The compulsory part: Providers must register if they care for one child or more from the 1 September following their fifth birthday until they reach their eighth birthday for a period of more than two hours in any day.

  • The voluntary part: Providers who are not eligible for compulsory registration may choose to register here. These are mainly people looking after children aged eight and over, or providing care in the child’s home like a nanny.

If you are a childcare provider and require some support please contact your Childcare Improvement Officer directly or contact our team on 01629 532880 available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Providers who deliver nursery education are supported by the Early Years Improvement Service and should contact their Early Years Improvement Officer (accredited childminders are supported by both services).