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Five ways to wellbeing

Did you know that continuing to learn throughout your life is one of the ways to maintain positive mental wellbeing? This is one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing; simple things that individuals can do in their everyday lives with have been proven to help people's mental wellbeing.

Keep learning for positive mental wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give. There are lots of ways that you can choose to keep learning: from reading non-fiction books on subjects that interest you; completing quizzes and puzzles; visiting museums and places of interest in your local area; and of course taking a learning course in a subject to suit you!


Our courses are all held in the heart of Derbyshire communities, in small and friendly classes and are a perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Be active

We have a wide range of courses to help you be active in our Get Active and Healthy programme, from 'traditional' indoor fitness, yoga and Pilates courses, to outdoors courses: look out for The History and Mystery of Public Rights of Way this spring. Our Get Hands On programme offers lots of ways to keep active while practising a skill, such as gardening, horticulture or stone carving.

Take notice

Our Get Creative courses offer different ways to connect and interact with the world around you, such as our painting and drawing, and craft courses. Look out also for our Mindfulness courses.

Keep learning

All of our workshops, courses and programmes are designed to help you develop new understanding and skills in your chosen area, whether you are wanting to gain skills for life, work or just for fun!


Our supportive environments are designed for us to help you, and for you to support each other as learning groups. We offer even more ways to give through our volunteering opportunities, which can also help you to develop your skills and confidence.

Bright Side: free courses

Our free Bright Side courses are free, friendly short courses for those with mild to moderate mental health difficulties and those with emotional or psychological distress. You can join by yourself or through a support group.

Contact Bright Side by email: brightside@derbyshire.gov.uk or tel:01629 536569 and we will put you in touch with the Bright Side representative for your area.