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Using adult learning to support children's development

Theresa Phillips’ story shows how our learners use their learning to benefit both themselves and those around them.

Theresa Phillips

Here’s Theresa’s story told by her tutor, Alison Rodger:

When asked why she is studying, Theresa will always say, ‘for my kids!’ She is determined to ensure she is able to help them with homework and also lead by example with her positive and committed attitude to learning. She is truly an inspirational learner.

Theresa was a member of my English for adults course for just over two years. She progressed through curriculum from Entry Level two and has now moved on to a Level one English course. She is undertaking maths and ICT courses with us too.

From the start of her studies, Theresa was a model student; incredibly organised with her work folder, applying herself wholeheartedly in class and also taking home work to complete. She was always eager to answer questions in our group work time in sessions and always happy to support fellow learners. It was wonderful to see how her learning progression allowed her to grow in confidence in class. As part last year’s academic work, Theresa delivered a wonderful speech on her greeting card creation hobby. It is quite a daunting prospect to deliver a presentation and she gave her five minute speech with confidence, conviction and clarity.

What I find most stirring about Theresa is her attitude in embracing the Reading Agency’s Six-Book Challenge (now Reading Ahead). She completed the challenge three times and, on each occasion, was one of the first to submit her completed diary. Not only is Theresa a wonderful ambassador for ‘reading for pleasure’ but she uses her love of reading as an inspiration to others to follow her lead, especially her children. Theresa embraces a wonderful variety of book genres and is always delighted to share her reading experiences. She is happy to explore all aspects of fact and fiction, from young people’s fiction (to share with her children) to the Quick Reads.

I contacted the Reading Agency based in London with her story and she was interviewed by an amazing journalist who has written for major news publications. Her story has been used nationally to publicise the challenge and the effect it has on lives.

Theresa represents so much of the positivity of adult education, the difference it can make to lives and how these inspired lives can cascade this discovered love of learning to others. She’s been such a motivated and enthused member of my group and a privilege to teach.

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