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Improving the effectiveness of adult education for disadvantaged groups

Improving the Effectiveness of Adult Education for Disadvantaged Groups (IMPADA) is a project that aims to help adult learning providers:

  • improve the systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of adult education provision on disadvantaged adult learners
  • increase access to adult learning, and narrow the achievement gap, benefiting learners with fewer opportunities.

IMPADA Project logo

The project will also enable adult learning organisations to:

  • understand the factors that influence the effectiveness of adult education for disadvantaged groups
  • design and implement suitable practices to improve their effectiveness on disadvantaged groups
  • reduce disparities in learning outcomes
  • promote more inclusive and equitable education.

Despite EU and national policy efforts and initiatives, learners from disadvantaged groups continue to perform less well, participate less and benefit less from adult education opportunities, compared with other learners.

Among some organisations, there is a lack of systematic evaluation and impact monitoring for disadvantaged learners. This prevents adult learning providers from taking informed decisions and designing practices to improve the effectiveness of the education for disadvantaged groups.

Adult learning providers need better methodologies, tools and guidance to engage in a self-review process and adopt a systematic monitoring system with specific focus on their inclusivity practices and to better understand and evaluate their effectiveness on disadvantaged learners.

With partner organisations from Estonia, Greece, Italy and Poland, our adult community education service is the lead in an Erasmus plus funded European project that aims to provide such a process.

By the project's end, in November 2017, the partnership will:

  1. Identify criteria for measuring adult education effectiveness on disadvantaged groups, to enable greater understanding of disadvantaged learners' needs.
  2. Provide a framework and tools so providers and national bodies can better evaluate the effectiveness of their adult learning provision with reference to disadvantaged learners, and to help them to action plan the design and delivery of education programmes better suited to learners’ needs.
  3. Provide recommendations for adult learning providers improve their effectiveness in adapting education provision to meet the needs of specific disadvantaged groups.
  4. Form a network of IMPADA adopters and repository of assessment results, so that good practice can be shared.
  5. Hold a European conference and four national information days to reach and involve target groups.

For more information on this exciting project, visit the IMPADA website or email: You can also keep updated by liking and following the IMPADA project on Facebook