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Love Food Hate Waste – Save More

Helping people to save money by reducing food waste in Derbyshire.

Who? Young mums, unemployed people, lower levels of literacy and numeracy
Where? Early years and adult education settings.

Love Food Hate Waste

Food waste is a BIG problem. UK homes throw away 7m tonnes of food and drink every year. Most of it could have been eaten.

Save More is a new resource designed to get more people, especially those not motivated by cooking, more confident in the kitchen in relation to five food waste prevention behaviours: planning; understanding date labels; correct storage; portioning and use of leftovers/forgotten foods.

Correct storage. Food lasts longer and tastes better when it’s stored properly. Making better use of the fridge/freezer can help to reduce food waste. So, it was great to discover from Kay at Derbyshire Adult Community Education Service that her learners enjoyed ‘Store and Thaw’ as part of their Skills for Life course.

“The session went well with each person contributing to the discussion and giving examples of foods they would or would not freeze - and why. Some knew what to do, and shared their ideas with others, who found the information useful. Some were happier to freeze food now they had the A - Z of Food Tips as a guide.”

Fourteen organisations in Scotland, Wales and England piloted these fun, informative activities with 17 community projects during a six-week period between January and February 2014.

Our programme manager, Kay, helped to devise the activities. DACES also piloted the resources, testing them primarily with young mums on a ‘Making Ends Meet’ course.

DACES also successfully incorporated Save More into its Skills for Life Maths and English classes, making the most of the activities that include tips for better budgeting, such as ‘Shopping Savvy’. This demonstrates the flexibility of the pack, which is suitable for use on its own or as part of an existing programme.

“A really good session, which encouraged lots of discussion. The group gathered lots of hints and tips on saving money whilst out shopping.”

  1. 91 per cent of participants enjoyed the Save More activities and found them useful
  2. 97 per cent said they would use at least some of the information at home
  3. 62 per cent reported it would help them to waste less food and 53 per cent save money.