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How to fund your learning

Our courses are advertised in 3 bands:

Band A – standard fee

This is the standard fee to be paid unless you qualify for a discount and meet the requirements listed in Band B or Band C, or it is a qualification course up to Level 2 and you earn less than the amount specified.

Band B – Gold Card holders

Derbyshire Gold Card holders can receive this reduced price for many non-qualification courses. This can be paid if you have a Derbyshire Gold Card but don’t receive any of the benefits listed in Band C

Band C – receiving benefits

This can be paid if you're in receipt of any of the following benefits:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Employment Support Allowance (WRAG)
  • Employment Support Allowance (Support Group)
  • Jobseekers' Allowance (on courses of no more than 16 hours a week)
  • Working tax credit
  • Pension Credit (except learners awarded a savings credit only)
  • the unwaged dependants (as defined by the Benefits Agency) of those listed

There are other ways in which you may be entitled to a discount. These can be found in our full curriculum fee guidance which is attached to this page.

If you're unsure about the fee you should pay please contact the centre where the course is administered from, or complete the booking support form.

Other costs

For courses that include an exam or accreditation there will be an extra cost to cover this. Check with one of our centres about whether this applies to your course and how much it'll be.

You may also need to pay for materials on some courses.

Don't forget your local library may have books and resources to support you in your learning and it's free to join.

Free qualifications courses

For the 2021-2022 academic year, if you are employed and earning less than £17,374 per year, you may be entitled to 'full fee remission', meaning that you can come on the course for free. This applies to qualification courses up to and including Level 2 courses.

To confirm eligibility, you need to provide a wage slip dated within 3 months of your learning start date, or current employment contract that states your gross monthly or annual wages. Contact your local adult community education centre for more information.

Free and reduced cost courses

Our free Skills for Life courses help you to improve your reading, writing, maths and communication skills.

Most of our family learning courses are free although you may need to pay for some materials.

All English and maths GCSE courses are free and if you qualify for Band C because you're receiving benefits you won't even have to pay for the exam.

All lip-reading and sign language courses are free to people who have a hearing impairment.

There are several free courses that count towards a first full level 2 or 3 qualification (such as GCSEs and NVQs).

Help with course costs

If you're experiencing financial difficulties you may be able to apply for help with payment of accreditation fees or other course costs. Talk to your local centre about our learner support funds.