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Resilient, healthy and safe communities

Over the course of the plan we will work closely with our partners to drive a number of initiatives that will increase opportunities for people to be more active, support communities in need, reduce discrimination and inequality, and listen to and understand the needs of our residents. We will support sustainability and green community activity, and aim to ensure our communities thrive, feel supported, and residents can live their best lives.

What we will have achieved in the next year

We will have:

  • worked with partners to enable individuals and communities to lead healthier and happier lives, accessing support when and where they need it to encourage physical activity, help people stop smoking and manage their weight
  • provided support to people and communities in need, including financial help from our Discretionary Fund, and other activities that promote financial inclusion
  • implemented key actions to reduce discrimination and tackle inequalities as set out in our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-2025
  • ensured our strategic approach to community safety responds effectively to existing and emerging challenges such as Serious Violence and County Lines
  • further developed and embedded the Thriving Communities approach to increase the number of people taking part in hyper-local activity and support, as part of Connected Teams of public services and communities working creatively together
  • worked with people with learning disabilities, recovering from mental ill health and autism to develop our services to ensure they are tailored to meet individuals needs and help people achieve their personal goals
  • supported more Derbyshire people to volunteer to help their communities, learning from and building on the remarkable response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • transferred a minimum of 5 libraries to community management, engaging and involving communities in the development of a cost-efficient library service
  • reviewed how we deliver home to school transport for children with special educational needs ensuring the most effective use of resources
  • finalised the review of voluntary and community sector grants and established a consistent approach to future funding to support the sector to recover well, grow and thrive
  • established a new grant funding Prospectus and Framework and provided grants which promote positive behaviours for young people and residents, improve local networks, help people to feel safer, and encourage sustainable and green activity

What we will have achieved in 4 years

We will have:

  • worked with people to make a difference to their health and enabled them to live healthier and happier lives through a range of support
  • ensured individuals and communities most in need are supported and protected
  • effectively responded with partners to emerging community safety threats so that there is reduced prevalence of crime and victimisation
  • mainstreamed the thriving community approach to reduce demand for high-cost services and enable people to live their best lives
  • enabled more people with a learning disability in Derbyshire to work towards achieving their goals and aspirations with less reliance on public services
  • supported communities to take responsibility for their areas, assets and environments
  • achieved a successful community managed library approach by delivering the Derbyshire Library Strategy
  • school transport which meets young people’s needs and contributes to our climate targets
  • a thriving voluntary sector that is less dependent on council funding
  • a new strategic approach to grants funding that has maximised opportunities for local people to contribute to the wellbeing of people and places in Derbyshire