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Effective early help for individuals and communities

Working to improve health and wellbeing and continuing work to support communities to recover from the covid pandemic will continue to be an important role for us over the next 4 years. Supporting more people to manage their physical and mental health and wellbeing and fostering closer working relationships with key partners to help improve health outcomes for children and young people are strong elements of this plan, as is increasing independence of older and disabled people so they remain a part of their local communities.

What we will have achieved in the next year

We will have:

  • continued to deliver the ongoing COVID-19 response and recovery in relation to health protection, alongside wider partnership action to tackle health inequalities
  • worked with partners to promote positive mental wellbeing and improve support for local people, with a particular focus on children and young people at both school and in the community
  • worked with District and Borough Councils and other partners to identify an average of 3 new sites each year that will increase the amount of age-appropriate accommodation and support for older people
  • finalised the new ways of working with older people and people with a disability to increase their independence so that they remain part of their local communities
  • commissioned and procured a new assistive technology service offer to support people with social care needs to live independently in the community
  • developed a holistic Domestic Abuse Strategy and supporting Delivery and Commissioning Plan including addressing issues in relation to violence against women and girls and the new legislative requirements for children and young people
  • helped and empowered more young people with disabilities to be independent in their transition to adulthood
  • strengthened the way we work in partnership with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families, and implemented a new local area strategy to assure the quality of the services and support they receive

What we will have achieved in 4 years

We will have:

  • provided strong leadership to protect the health of local communities and support them to recover from the coronavirus pandemic
  • supported more people to manage their own physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • continued the implementation of the Older People's Housing, Accommodation and Support Strategy
  • put in place a new way of working that connects older people and disabled people to our thriving communities
  • put in place a new model of care supported by assistive technology
  • protected those who experience domestic abuse through effective multi-agency working and reduced fear of crime amongst women and girls in Derbyshire
  • more young adults with disabilities living independently and in paid employment
  • continued to improve our care and support offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities to improve efficiency, value for money and customer outcomes