Budget plans agreed for year ahead

8 February 2018

Plans to achieve a balanced budget for the year ahead have been agreed at a meeting of all members this week.

Our Full Council met on Wednesday (7 February 2018) and agreed to set the annual budget for 2018-19 at £503.2m and generate an additional £15m by raising our portion of the council tax by 4.99%.

Derbyshire County Council Leader, Councillor Barry Lewis said:

"We're confident the budget that has been agreed is strong, fair and balanced and most importantly, we'll be able to continue to provide high quality, efficient, value for money services.

"While we do not relish raising council tax we have a duty to meet our obligations to the people of Derbyshire, and with careful planning we aim to be in a position to freeze council tax from 2020/21 for two years.

"This year's rise is necessary and will fund essential services which we know are priorities for our residents, like looking after older and vulnerable people, children and young people, as well as maintaining the county's roads."

In summary, our Full Council has approved:

  • setting our annual budget for 2018-19 at £503.2m (excluding schools)
  • raising the council tax by 4.99%
  • (included in the rise) a 2% adult social care precept to generate £5.9m
  • (included in the rise) 1% to support vital services under pressure, to be targeted towards children's services, generating £3m
  • a savings target of £12m for 2018-19.

The council tax rise is an increase of £47.03 a year or 90p a week for an average band B property.

The extra 2% for adult social care, called the adult social care precept, is to be spent on areas including services to help older and vulnerable people live safely and well, supporting hospital discharges and community and voluntary groups.

Councillor Lewis added:

"We can achieve a lot with the budget we have for the year ahead and we are constantly looking at different and more efficient ways of working.

"There will be challenges and difficult decisions ahead, but Derbyshire residents can rest assured that we will continue to work hard to ensure every penny we have is spent wisely."