New high tech signage at Swarkestone Causeway

18 April 2017

Work to install high tech signage near to Swarkestone Causeway to deter drivers of overweight lorries from using the bridge is set to start next week.

The flashing amber warning signs are due to be installed during the week of Monday 24 April 2017 and are expected to be live later that week.

Sensors will be laid beneath the road surface on approaches to the bridge. They will detect if a vehicle is restricted and transmit a signal to the signs which illuminate the 7.5 tonne weight limit.

The signs will be sited on both sides of the bridge, well in advance of the causeway − a Grade 1 listed and scheduled ancient monument which straddles the River Trent, connecting the villages of Swarkestone and Stanton by Bridge.

Vehicles that are too heavy will then have an opportunity to find an alternative route.

Other road signs on all approaches to the bridge, including motorways and other major and minor roads, will also be reviewed to see if they can be improved.

Drivers of around 40 overweight lorries are ignoring the existing weight limit signs and are continuing to use the bridge each day.

Some vehicles, for example buses and dustbin lorries, are exempt from the restriction.

Geoff Pickford, director for highways, said:

"The bridge is historic and wasn't built to carry today's type and volume of traffic.

"Signage is already in place but drivers of a significant number of vehicles are flouting the weight limit, including some that are more than twice the weight limit."

Mr Pickford added:

"We constantly monitor use of the bridge and hope these highly visible electronic signs will raise the profile of the weight restriction and deter vehicles if they are unsuitable. Drivers are reminded that if they are using the bridge illegally they are liable to be prosecuted."

The work will be carried out between 9.30am and 3.30pm to minimise disruption to commuters. Traffic will be reduced to a single lane and controlled by traffic lights during the work.