Brothers admit cigarette sale to 16-year-old girl

27 April 2017

Two brothers have been fined after admitting selling cigarettes to an underage buyer from their New Mills newsagents.

We brought the prosecution after carrying out a test purchase at Binns News, Market Street, New Mills, in October 2016.

Kashif Mirza (33), appearing at Chesterfield Magistrates Court, admitted selling Mayfair cigarettes to a female aged 16 years and three months during the test purchase. He was fined £84 and ordered to pay £275 costs.

His brother, Tahir Mirza (29), who owns Binns News, was fined £184 and ordered to pay £275 costs.

Each was ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

Tahir Mirza had a previous conviction for the same offence in June 2016.

Mike Ashworth, our strategic director for economy, transport, communities, said:

"Business owners and shop staff have a very clear responsibility to abide by the law which is in place to protect young people.

"This isn't the first time this particular business owner has broken the law in this way and has been punished in the courts. This should send out a clear message to traders that breaking the law will not be tolerated."

Kashif and Tahir Mirza both live at Alsfeld Way, New Mills.