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Greener Towns initiative for Buxton and Long Eaton

Published: 4 January 2023

People living and working in Buxton and Long Eaton could be asked for their views on having 20mph limits in their towns as part of a Greener Towns initiative.

Our Cabinet will consider a report at a meeting on 12 January 2023 which asks for approval for a consultation on a Greener Towns initiative for Buxton and Long Eaton.

The Greener Towns initiative would mean a 20mph limit for the towns which could improve health and could encourage healthier and more sustainable modes of transport. A lower safer speed, with fewer accelerations and decelerations would improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions, and could encourage more people to walk or cycle for shorter journeys.

During the consultations people will be asked for their views on having a 20mph limit in their town and asked if they think it would make a difference to the environment, their travel choices, road safety, air quality and their health and wellbeing.

Our Cabinet Member for Highways Assets and Transport, Councillor Kewal Singh Athwal, said:

“It is important that we take into account the views of local people in Buxton and Long Eaton before we start a 20mph limit in their towns.

“We think that a 20mph limit could improve health by improving air quality and hopefully get more people out of their cars and walk or cycle to make short local journeys, but the only way we will really know is to do some trials.

“This public consultation is an important first step in finding out what people initially think about the idea, and I look forward to hearing their views, should my cabinet colleagues approve this report.”

If the report is approved, then both consultations will start by the end of January, with public events taking place in both Buxton and Long Eaton.

Buxton and Long Eaton have been chosen to take part in this project as both have an issue with traffic that a 20mph limit might help to resolve.

Following the consultations a further report will be prepared to look at the findings and whether or not to go ahead with a 20mph limit in each town.