1/9/2014 Regulatory - Planning Committee

Date and time
01 September 2014 10:00
Meeting location
Committee Room 1, County Hall, Matlock.


Table to show the agenda for this meeting
No. Item Video File Type
Petitions (if any)
Following the site visits listed below the meeting will reconvene at 2.30pm.
(i) Hollington (ii) Shardlow
To confirm the non-exempt Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 11 August 2014. (62KB)
Proposed Diversion to a Byway Open to all Traffic (Beelow Lane) to Allow the Continued Implementation of Planning Permissions R1/0697/2 at Doveholes Quarry, Dove Holes, Buxton. Applicant: Cemex UK Materials Ltd. Code No: CM/0212/164. (287KB)
Proposed Construction and Use of an Anaerobic Digester, with Feedstock Building and Associated Structures on Land at Marsh Hollow Farm, Marsh Hollow, Hollington. Applicant: Mr G Nicklin. Code No: CW3/0514/17. (360KB)
Proposed Extension to Sand and Gravel Working at the Shardlow Quarry onto Land known as the 'Weston Extension' with Restoration to Agriculture and Biodiversity, Retention of Existing Processing Facility, Infrastructure, Accesses and Ancillary Development with Restoration to Agriculture and Water Habitats at Shardlow Quarry, Acre Lane, Shardlow. Applicant: Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd. Code No: CM9/0811/53. (5741KB)
Proposed Extension of Time for the Submission of an Application under the Environment Act 1995 (Schedule 14) for Approval of Conditions to which a Planning Permission is to be subject (First Periodic Review of Mineral Planning Permission or 'ROMP' Application ) at Dowlow Quarry, Sterndale Moor, Buxton (Disposal of Mineral Waste/Mineral Winning and Working ), HPK/680/675 (Disposal of Mineral Waste), CM1/1292/57 (Disposal of Mineral Waste). Applicant: Hope Construction Materials Ltd. (319KB)
First Periodic Review of Mineral Planning Permission under Schedule 14 of the Environment Act 1995 for Approval of New Conditions at Doveholes Quarry, Dove Holes, Buxton. Applicant: Cemex UK Materials Ltd. Code No: R1/0313/26. (768KB)
Current Enforcement Action. (34KB)
Outstanding Application List (to be circulated at the meeting).
Current Appeals/Called-In Applications. (9KB)
Development Management Performance Monitoring (to be circulated at the meeting)
Matters Determined by the Strategic Director for Economy, Transport and Environment under Delegated Powers (to be circulated at the meeting )