Live updates - Full Council meeting 27 July 2016

The meeting is being held to debate the issues affecting Derbyshire if Chesterfield becomes a full member of Sheffield City Region.

Read the agenda and find out more about the proposals and how to have your say.

Council Chamber in County Hall

Live updates from the council meeting of Wednesday 27 July 2016 will appear here between 2pm and 6pm.

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5:12pm - Meeting closes

Chairman Steve Freeborn brings the meeting to a close.
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5:10pm - Vote

Council endorses officer recommendations following vote. Conservative members abstained.

Officer recommendations:

Endorses Cabinet's decision to prepare a detailed and robust response to the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority consultation that highlights the key areas of concern.

Agrees that the relevant issues from today’s debate are used to inform the Council's response to the consultation on the proposed expansion of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

Endorses Cabinet's decision that a similar response is prepared and sent direct to the Secretary of State with a copy to the Chamber of Commerce and D2N2 LEP.

Notes that Cabinet has delegated authority to the Chief Executive to approve the final response to the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority scheme and governance review, on behalf of the Council and in consultation with the Leader.

Supports a proactive communication approach is undertaken with Derbyshire residents and other interested parties on the stated position of the Council and the likely implications of the proposals.

Notes that the Director of Legal Services, following advice from Leading Counsel, has written to Sheffield City Region to challenge the current consultation process and to request that this be withdrawn.

5:07pm - "Empty bit in the middle"

Councillor Anne Western said this is Derbyshire being picked off by the cities at the borders. "If we don't do anything we will be the empty bit in the middle. Is that what people want?"

5:05pm - Super Tram

Councillor Anne Western says Chesterfield people will be paying for a refurbished Sheffield Super Tram if the proposals go ahead with business rates going to Sheffield City Region."

5:03pm - Judicial review

Councillor Anne Western: "We will not be spending millions of pounds on a judicial review."

5:03pm - "Our people"

Councillor Anne Western: "Chesterfield poeple are our people as well and we have a responsibility to do the best for them."

5:00pm - Geography

Councillor Anne Western: "The reason I support devolution is about the geography. It makes sense to people. But this (Chesterfield proposals) doesn't make sense to people because it's not the right geography."

4:58pm - Devolution

Councillor Anne Western says she was a strong advocate of devolution to make sure D2N2 wasn't disadvantaged and had access to transport funding and as a defence to the city agenda.

4:56pm - County council

Councillor Paul Smith: "I believe in the county council, its staff and the services it provides."

4:53pm - "Anxious"

Councillor Paul Smith says he's anxious about the transitional arrangements if the proposals go ahead and worries about who Chesterfield people will have to turn to for help and support.

4:52pm - Consultation

Councillor Paul Smith: "I understand there were only 200 responses to the first consultation - how you (Chesterfield) can make a decision on that, I don't know."

4:50pm - Hold-up

Councillor Paul Smith blames central Government for holding up the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire deal which meant that councils started looking at other options.

4:46pm - Decisions

Councillor Dave Wilcox says he's been watching the Greater Manchester deal. Says it started as an economic development partnership, then the police and then health.
"We need to fight for the retention of services so people understand where decisions are being taken that affect their everyday lives."

4:40pm - "End of Derbyshire"

Opposition councillor Stuart Ellis says Derbyshire will survive if Chesterfield joins Sheffield but if North East Derbyshire and Bolsover follow it woudl be "the end of Derbyshire as we know it".

4:36pm - Fight

Councillor Duncan McGregor urges chamber to fight to retain Derbyshire because the proposals will affect the whole of Derbyshire."What's democratic about having a Mayor imposed on you? None whatsoever."

4:29pm - Investment

Councillor Joan Dixon lays bare lack of funding from Sheffield City Region for developments such as Markham Vale compared to Derbyshire investment when "business rates go to fund Sheffield City Region and its secretariat."

4:22pm - "Devil is in the detail"

Councillor Joan Dixon says the proposals are "willfully ambiguous and the devil is in the detail."

4:21pm - "More questions than answers"

Councillor Dave Williams said the proposals raise more questions than answers and will lead to "deterioration of services in all areas of the county."

4:20pm - "confusion"

Councillor Steve Marshall-Clarke, Chairman of Derbyshire Fire Authority, says proposals would cause 'initial confusion' and 'strain on resources'.

4:17pm - Poll

Opposition councillor Tony Kemp says the county council's poll is "biased".

4:12pm - Break up

Councillor Dave Allen says Sheffield City Region has been trying to break up Derbyshire for years. "Sadly Chesterfield has gone along with it."
"We are fighting to save Derbyshire."
"Our children will have to put up with an authority no one wants" if the proposals go ahead.

4:06pm - Judicial review

Councillor Wayne Major says the county council shouldn't waste money on a judicial review. Democratically elected members of Chesterfield (Borough Council) have made their choice.

4:04pm - Consultation

Councillor Robert Davison says the people of Chesterfield should take part in Sheffield City Region's consultation.

4:02pm - Identity

Councillor Robert Davison: "People don't like having their identity changes without their agreement."

3:59pm - Neighbours

Councillor Spencer: "You can't wave a stick at your neighbours. They need to make that decision themselves."
"It's a shame Chesterfield councillors aren't here to explain themselves."

3:56pm - "A change that will be difficult to stop"

Councillor Simon Spencer: "I believe if Chesterfield goes in this direction of travel it will bring about changes for Derbyshire Dales, North East Derbyshire and Bolsover."
"It will be a change that will be difficult to stop."

3:52pm - Mayors

Councillor Spencer says all parties nationally are fundamentally opposed to the imposition of mayors and questions how we have got to this point.

3:50pm - "Devolution not in best interest of residents."

Opposition Councillor Simon Spencer in favour of local gov reform. But devolution not in best interest of residents. This model is 'detrimental'.

3:47pm - "Vanity project"

Councillor Lewis says now in danger of losing all things that Councillor Anne Western said we could never lose. Says it's a 'vanity project' costing taxpayers.

3:45pm - "Chasing rainbow"

Opposition leader Councillor Barry Lewis says 'taken down this road' by Councillor Anne Western. He says 'chasing rainbow' and 'pot of gold'.

3:42pm - "Minimal consultation"

Councillor Anne Western says Sheffield City Region's consultation is "minimal"
and the county council holds longer consultations on issues of less significance.
She says the date for the election of the mayor is pressing the consultation.

3:39pm - Land grab

Sheffield has a history of land grabs says Councillor Anne Western.

3:38pm - Funding

Mayor of Sheffield City Region will spend money where it's most needed. That will be South Yorkshire, not Chesterfield says Councillor Anne Western.

3:35pm - Identity

Anne Western tells the chamber 93% of people taking part in the poll on the council's website don't want Chesterfield to join Sheffield City Region.

3:33pm - Money for Chesterfield

Anne Western: "Chesterfield has done better from its relationship with D2N2 (Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire local economic partnership) than Sheffield City Region."

3:31pm - "Disrupt partnership working"

Anne Western says partnership organisations are concerned including the police and crime commissioner and fire authority and the proposals will disrupt partnership working.

3:27pm - Economic relationship

Council Leader Anne Western says the economic relationship between Chesterfield and Sheffield is "weak". Less than 10% of people in Chesterfield travel to Sheffield to work.

3:23pm - "Treading with care"

Director of legal services John McElvaney says this comment is "ill informed" and that the county council taking advice and "treading with care".

3:21pm - Challenge

Opposition Councillor Stuart Ellis questions why democratic process of Chesterfield Borough Council should be challenged on 'spurious legal grounds'.

3:18pm - Planning

"A lot of uncertainty" around what it will mean for planning: Joe Battye, service director for economy and regeneration.

3:11pm - Travel schemes

Strategic director Mike Ashworth says 'no definite answers' from Sheffield City Region on how concessionary transport schemes would integrate.

3:10pm - Travel schemes

Questions from councillors now. First up, Councillor Andy Botham who questions how concessionary travel schemes such as b_line and Gold Card would work.

3:03pm - Ian Stephenson:

Derbyshire County Council and Chesterfield Borough Council will only get one vote on Sheffield City Region decisions. South Yorkshire councils will get two.

3:01pm - "Derbyshire is best kept in tact"

Ian Stephenson says "I do not think the proposals are in the best interests of people in Derbyshire."
"Derbyshire is best kept in tact."
"We've done our homework, there's no evidence the statutory tests (needed to be met to allow the proposals go ahead) have been met."
"As far as I can see people in Chesterfield don't relate to Sheffield."
"We're taking legal advice about the robustness of their (Sheffield City Region's) consultation."

2:57pm - Local government reorganisation?

"This is local government reorganisation by the back door.": Ian Stephenson.

2:56pm - More powers for Sheffield to follow?

"There's a clear indication this is the process of further devolved powers" Ian Stephenson

2:36pm - Sheffield powers in Chesterfield

Powers over major roads, funding for road maintenance, planning and investment projects would go to Sheffield.

2:32pm - Mayoral control

"On election, a Sheffield City Region Mayor would immediately take over responsibility for some services in Chesterfield." says Ian Stephenson.

2:26pm - County Council "no input"

Ian Stephenson says: "We had no input whatsoever prior to the publication of the proposals."

2:16pm - Presentation from the Chief Executive

Ian Stephenson, Chief Executive of Derbyshire County Council addresses the chamber and sets out the background.

2:13pm - Debate due to start

Councillors are assembled in the council chamber and will start hearing about some of the issues facing Derbyshire shortly.