Primary education provision in Wirksworth

Consultation opening date
02 November 2017
Consultation closing date
20 January 2018
Status: Closed

What this consultation is about

This consultation seeks to establish the most appropriate location for primary education in Wirksworth to support existing and new pupils.

The document attached to this page provides the framework against which two options for the delivery of primary level education are considered. This consultation is seeking stakeholder's views in Wirksworth on whether there is a need to replace existing infant and junior schools in the town with a new school or to retain the existing and solely provide a new primary school to serve new developments.

We are also seeking to identify the best location for a new school whichever option for primary level education is decided.

What else do you need to know?

How to take part

We are carrying out this consultation in the following ways:

  • By email
  • By post

Who is the consultation aimed at?

Which part of Derbyshire is this consultation aimed at?

  • All Derbyshire (excluding Derby City)

Generally, who is this consultation aimed at?

  • All

How will we let you know the results?

Feedback about this consultation will be available by the following methods:

  • Our website