Request to deter cyclists from using pavements (This petition has now closed)

The END of cycle tracks needs to be clearly marked, and "NO CYCLING" signs painted on footpaths. Please help.

I request action to deter cyclists from riding on pavements. Cyclists are unaware that they are breaking the law when they cycle on footpaths.

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Signed by 15 people.

  • John Layton
  • Holly Howorth
  • Charlotte Jhansom
  • Chris Curzon
  • Christine Colquhoun
  • Luke Layton
  • karen chambers
  • justin Howarth
  • Build Safe Cycling Inferstructure
  • Emlynn Layton
  • Michael Boot
  • Charlotte Layton
  • Susan Titherley
  • Luke Layton
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This petition was submitted by Christine Colquhoun on the 14/09/2017, it was approved on the 19/09/2017 and filed under: Highways, Transport and Infras