Chesterfield, Old Road and surrounding streets - Request to investigate residents parking (This petition has now closed)

Investigate if this meets the needs of local residents, or investigate other options available.

Support residents with parking issues. Investigate if residential parking is appropriate for Old Road and neighbouring streets, proposed restriction 6pm-6am weekdays, and all day at weekends. Appreciating there are local businesses in the area, to accommodate these maintain the parking restriction near Mes Amis as 2 hours no return, and introduce another ring fenced area near Hoskins car lot with 2 hours no return. Encourage public house customers to use the car parks provided, to consider residents trying to park near their homes. Some local residents have been leaving notes on non residents cars asking they not park over 2 spaces, and to be considerate towards local residents.

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Signed by 47 people.

  • Danielle Ball
  • Lisa Edwards-Green
  • Millie Harrison
  • Rachael Brailsford
  • Paula Fretwell
  • Gareth Butt
  • stephen heath
  • Donna Tuck
  • Gemma Lee-Cameron
  • Megan Fawcett
  • Paul Guest
  • Adam Stone
  • Carole Bissett
  • Peter Bissett
  • Amber Fretwell
  • Holly Howorth
  • Nicola Harrison
  • Greg Forsyth
  • Nichola Brazell
  • Lynne Brazell
  • Alice Collins
  • Sarah Barker
  • Gem Barkerwood
  • Luke Layton
  • Phil Carolan
  • Charlotte Layton
  • Sophie Barkerwood
  • Emma Waller
  • Christian Cameron
  • Lisa Booker
  • Danielle Norris
  • Jaimie Cooper
  • Jack Harpham
  • Claire Arnold
  • Charlotte Janssen
  • Luke Layton
  • Susan Titherley
  • Val Barker
  • Chris Barker
  • J Cutts
  • Dale Hubbard
  • Ann Hopkins
  • Kelly Lewis
  • Andrew Miles
  • Thom Brazell
  • Charn Janssen
  • Janet Hutchings
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This petition was submitted by Lisa Booker on the 25/05/2017, it was approved on the 26/05/2017 and filed under: Highways, Transport and Infrastructure