Where the money comes from

Our expenditure is funded by income from fees and charges, Government grant for specific services, general Government grant (including redistributed business rates) and council tax.

The budget is that part of our expenditure funded by central Government and from council tax. Income from council tax funds 24 per cent of our gross expenditure and 52 per cent of our net budget requirement.

Table showing where the money comes from
Gross expenditure1094.71094.5
Fees and charges(656.3)(659.9)
Debt charges54.248.7
Interest receipts(4)(4)
Internal financing3.3(4.4)
Net budget requirement491.9474.9
Revenue Support Grant93.267.7
National non domestic rates17.617.3
Government Top Up Grant85.786.5
General grants30.323.5
Council tax payer265.1279.9