Spending over £500

We're committed to making our finances clear and as part of this commitment we publish all our relevant spend with suppliers over £500.

The monthly report is attached to this page.

It lists all relevant supplier payments of £500 or more, excluding VAT, from 1 November 2010 onwards.

We publish the data each month in two formats − Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).

To help you understand this report the following table explains the data in each column heading of the report.

A table to explain column headings in the attached spending report.
Column headingExplanation of data
Body NameName of the organisation making the payment
BodyCode to identify the organisation making the payment
Service Area CategorisationThe service area that has spent the money
Responsible UnitThe part of the council (departments) that made the payment
Expenses TypeDescription of the type of expenditure
DateThe date that the payment was processed by our payments system
Transaction numberA reference number for each payment
AmountThe actual value of the payment, excluding VAT
Supplier NameThe name of the supplier/organisation

Based on the latest government guidance, we exclude the following items:

  • payments from schools delegated budgets
  • payments to employees
  • member allowances (this information is published annually)
  • payments to HMRC for VAT, PAYE, National Insurance and pensions
  • financing and investment transactions.

In a number of instances payments of a personal nature are shown but, for data protection reasons, the supplier name has been replaced with 'redacted personal data'.

If you would like further information on any data that has not been redacted, please submit your enquiry using the online enquiry form.

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The following documents are comma separated value (csv) files to help make our data open. Most computers can open these files with any text editor package.

To request further information on any data that has not been redacted.

Spending over £500

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