Council tax bands

The amount of council tax you pay will depend on the valuation band your home is in.

To find out the valuation band for your property consult your bill or contact your district council or the Valuation Office Agency. If you wish to appeal against the valuation band your property has been put in, the Valuation Office Agency can offer advice.

Many discounts and benefits apply to council tax depending on your circumstances. We are concerned that many council taxpayers are paying more than they need to.

Nationally four out of 10 pensioners are not claiming the council tax benefit they are entitled to. To find out if you should be paying less please contact your local district or borough council.

The following table shows the part of your 2017/18 bill which is for services we supply.

Table showing the amount of council tax bill which is for Derbyshire County Council supplied services
Band A£807.77
Band B£942.40
Band C£1,077.03
Band D£1,211.66
Band E£1,480.92
Band F£1,750.18
Band G£2,019.43
Band H£2,423.32

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