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Scott and Ruth's Time Swap

Lots of residents have used our Time Swap scheme – swapping some of their time helping others and banking time that they can then use receiving help. Read some real life experiences.

Scott Hallam and Ruth Holt Time Swapping

Scott Hallam, 52, first heard about the Time Swap scheme at a networking event. He thought it’d be a good idea for the scheme to run in Glossop to bring the best out in the community.

He said:

“I noticed there was nothing going on in my area and thought it’d be a great way to get people more active and help each other out."

After making a few enquiries and talking to our Time Swap team, Scott arranged his first session.

"My skills are quite general, so I can do all the little niggly things that often get taken for granted.

"I’m good at DIY and help people with small things like shopping, taking bins out and changing light bulbs – things that some people really struggle with.

"I’ve put up a couple of curtain poles as well, but it can also be something as simple as making a cup of tea for someone who might not be able to for themselves.

"In return, I’m hoping to have someone help me with my computer skills, and my grass may need cutting fairly soon!

"I’d like to see more young people getting involved too – volunteering looks great on your CV and employers really look for things like that.

"There’s always something someone can do that other people may not be able to, no matter how small, so I’d say get involved and see if you can help people in your community and get something back in return.”

Ruth Holt, 34 from Glossop first heard about the scheme while volunteering at one of our children’s centre.

She said:

“I really like the idea of helping people who might otherwise not be able to help themselves. Lots of people can’t or don’t get about too often, so even if it’s dropping in for a coffee or doing their weekly shop, it all helps.

"I never see it as a chore – it’s not only about giving someone company, but it helps me feel good as well.

"It’s really nice when things aren’t about money too. If you have a wall that needs painting or piano lessons, people who don’t have the money would struggle. But with Time Swap, you can get someone to help you out and use your skills to help someone else, simple.

"Most people have something they’re good at and not everyone has someone to help with the little things, so it’s a perfect fit.

"So far, I’ve had help putting up a couple of curtain poles in my house, but I’ve got a wardrobe that needs a lick of paint too!

"It’s a great way to make friendships and I’d encourage everyone to try the scheme out.”