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Jessie's Time Swaps

Lots of residents have used our Time Swap scheme – swapping some of their time helping others and banking time that they can then use receiving help. Read some real life experiences.

Jessie Oakes and members

At 90 years old, Jessie Oakes is the oldest member of our Time Swap scheme. After seeing an article in the Ilkeston Advertiser back in 2015 she signed up, and hasn’t looked back since.

She’s one of our most active members and has already given 16 hours of her time to others, clocking up 12 hours in return since the start of the year.

Jessie initially joined Time Swap as she was interested in sharing her knowledge of knitting, sewing and crochet skills with others and thought the idea of the project was great.

She said:

“Being home alone all day isn’t for me, so I was looking for an outlet to get more involved in things.

“I saw that Time Swap was about sharing skills and getting more involved with the community, so thought it was perfect and was really keen to get started.”

As Jessie struggles to get out and about, her first request was to get some help walking her dog, Bengie. The request was taken up quickly by another member who lives around the corner and the two have become good friends.

Jessie says the Time Swap scheme has reinvented her life and wouldn’t give it up for anything. She added:

“I think it’s wonderful, it has given me a new lease of life. I never expected to be a teacher!

“I really enjoy meeting the other members and am finding it very satisfying. It’s been an eye-opener to see there are so many things like cycling, computer work and music lessons within the project.”