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Managing money

We may all need a helping hand to manage our money sometimes or appreciate a bit of advice and support about how best to budget when things get tough.

We offer support with issues such as welfare rights, debt and benefits and we've teamed up with other agencies, voluntary groups and charities which can help in a financial crisis.

There’s lots of information available online to help you make the most of your money and here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Planning ahead can help you avoid debt and make the most of your money. You can stay in control of your finances by creating your own budget planner to look at how much money you’ve got coming in and what you’ve got going out each week or month. There’s lots of information available online to help you make the most of your money. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Savings and credit and community banks

Get support and advice about savings and credit and community banks. You can open a community bank account with just £1 and they can also run alongside traditional bank accounts.

Welfare rights

Don't miss out on benefits that you're entitled to. It's not always easy to understand the rules or how to claim the benefits. Find out more about welfare benefits.

Benefits, debt and legal matters

Finance and legal matters can be complicated. Find out more about benefits, debts and legal matters including information on managing someone else affairs.

Derbyshire Discretionary Fund

If you’re in urgent need of help after a crisis or disaster the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund could support you.

Be a savvy householder

Check your energy use by borrowing a smart meter from one of our libraries for free. Search the online library catalogue for smart meters. Check once a year to see if it’s worth swapping energy providers.

Boost your skills

If you have a job but would like a better one, our adult community education service can help. Tutors in centres across Derbyshire can help you develop your skills, become more employable, get promoted or change career. Find out more about adult education.

Boost your benefits

Infant children automatically get free school meals and some older children are entitled too. See if you qualify for free school meals.

Boost your income

We have part-time, relief, temporary and permanent jobs in care work, catering cleaning and caretaking. Experience isn’t always necessary and training is given. Search our jobs section.

We're also recruiting for care workers on permanent, relief or fixed-term contracts to help older or disabled people stay in their own homes or live in residential care homes across Derbyshire. No qualifications are needed as all training is given. Find out more about becoming a care worker.

Pound stretching

There are lots of things you can do for free in Derbyshire including visiting more than 80 countryside spots including nature reserves, walking trails, picnic sites, country parks, canals, woodlands, wetlands and much more. Find out what countryside events are happening near you.

Free reads

Derbyshire libraries can save you money on buying magazines or books by downloading digital copies to your computer, phone or tablet.

Recycle, upcycle and cut waste

Our adult community education service offers taster sessions and courses to help you make do and mend, Jazz up your Junk and make your own presents.

We've got lots of recycling ideas and ways to support your local charity shop and practical advice about preventing food waste, planning meals and tasty recipes.

Super Kitchens

Super Kitchens provide residents with a low-cost, hot, nutritious meal cooked by volunteers in a community eating space using surplus supermarket produce. We're helping to set them up in every Derbyshire borough and district.

Sell or swap

Organise your own ‘Give and Take Day’ to give away good quality things you don’t want or need and pick up something you do – for free.

Time Swap

Our Time Swap scheme allows you to do your bit for the community while also helping yourself. By helping others do the things they can’t do, you can earn credit to spend getting help in return.

Trusted Trader

Find traders and businesses that will do a good job for a fair price making sure you don’t get ripped off with our Trusted Trader scheme.

Scams and loan sharks

Don’t let scams scupper your savings. We've teamed up with Citizens Advice and Age UK Derby and Derbyshire to set up Derbyshire Scam Watch which offers victims one-to-one support as well as raising awareness about phone, mail, online and doorstep scams.

Help spot scams or get support if you’ve been targeted.