Free cookery courses

We've been running free cookery courses as part of the Heart of Derbyshire campaign since September 2014 and they have been a great success!

Courses help with food shopping, budgeting and how to make healthier food choices. The plan for 2017 to 2018 is to deliver a series of practical healthy cooking on a budget courses to targeted groups across the county.

The free Heart of Derbyshire healthy cookery courses will include:

  • basic cooking skills
  • an introduction to creating simple and balanced healthy meals utilising affordable, seasonal and fresh ingredients
  • understanding the importance of food hygiene, storage and planning
  • budgeting and food shopping advice.

Target groups include:

  • adults with learning disabilities
  • weight management groups
  • elderly people
  • carers
  • food bank users
  • families, especially those in deprived areas
  • BME groups
  • volunteers for Super Kitchen
  • Brightside mental health
  • those at risk of homelessness.

The courses are designed to be approximately six two hour sessions (12 hours) in length but the delivery of them can be varied to meet the needs and availability of groups wanting the training.

If you work with people in these target groups and are interested in having a free healthy cookery course delivered for them, please contact Nikki Wright from our adult community education service tel: 07518 863860 or email:

Find out about other courses organised by our adult community education service (opens in a new window).

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