Sunbed safety advice

Information about the cancer risk associated with sunbed use and safety advice.

There's been a lot of debate about the use of sunbeds over the years and legislation is in place to try to make sure that if people use them, they are using them safely.

Our trading standards officers support all the safety messages around sunbed use and have carried out checks on Derbyshire tanning salons to make sure they're all sticking to the law.

A lot of information about using sunbeds is available, but to bring it all together in one place, we've issued a three-minute video explaining the risks and how people can keep themselves safe.

The video explains the risks of using sunbeds, including skin cancer, sunburn and eye damage, and warns that if you have a certain skin type you shouldn't use them at all.

It also outlines that people using sunbeds must be over 18 and gives tips on how users can spot any dangers before using salons or equipment, ask the right questions before using a sunbed and ensure they are using safe equipment.

A European Standard introduced in 2009 sets a tanning equipment power limit of 0.3 watts per square metre.

To report concerns about a Derbyshire tanning salon people can contact our trading standards officers via the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on tel: 03454 040506.

Find out more about skin cancer and sunbed use on Cancer Research UK (opens in a new window).