Tell us once

If you're registering a birth or death you can now let us help you to update the information with other agencies and organisations.

If you are to register a death, it will help us if you complete the form attached to this page and hand it to the registrar when you attend to register the death.

Our Tell Us Once scheme means that when the registrar collects details from you about the birth or the death they can then pass this information through to other agencies on your behalf.

This will help you get benefits sorted out quickly, avoid the need to send copies of the certificate by post to other organisations and stop receiving mail from these agencies addressed to a deceased relative.

We will pass on relevant information to:

  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • HM Revenue and Customs (for tax, credits and benefits)
  • Identity and Passport Service
  • housing and council tax offices.

You can also request we pass the information to:

  • electoral services
  • libraries
  • children's services
  • Blue Badge parking scheme
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

Once these organisations have the details they will use the information to update records, start or amend benefits and resolve outstanding issues.

You can get more information about Tell Us Once on 01629 533073 or from the registrar when you register a birth or death.

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