Our vision

Our vision is to support local businesses, help consumers and tackle unfair and unsafe trading practices.

We aim to achieve our vision by:

  • working in partnership with Citizens Advice to help local people who have a problem with something that they have bought
  • working in partnership with other agencies and organisations to achieve our objectives
  • advising and educating consumers, businesses, schools and other groups about trading standards issues
  • responding to complaints and enquiries from consumers and businesses
  • ensuring compliance with Trading Standards legislation by education, advice, inspection and investigation
  • examining business practices to ensure that consumers are getting a fair deal
  • taking legal action against traders who neglect their legal responsibilities or who deliberately set out to harm the interests of consumers or legitimate businesses
  • being accessible and responsive
  • being open, honest and consistent
  • being committed to continuous improvement.

To find out more about trading standards and what we do, see the documents attached to this page.

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